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Die GründerInnen von LDN e.V. arbeiten seit vielen Jahren in unterschiedlichen Konstellationen immer wieder an gemeinsamen Projekten.

Claudia Neusuess

Dr. Claudia Neusüß – Director of the Mobile Academy for Gender Democracy and Peace (OWEN e.V.), political consultant & project developer with focus on women and economy

Jochen Noth

Jochen Noth – Director of API (Asia Pacific Institute) with China and vocational training expertise

Bettina Peifer

Bettina Peifer – Vice Chairwoman of LDN e.V., Middle East, international water policy and management specialist

Sigrid Peuker – Vorstandsvorsitzende von IKIB e.V. (Interkulturelle Kooperation für ein internationales Berlin), Vorstandsmitglied und Schatzmeisterin von LDN e.V.
Sie ist Dialogbegleiterin, Gründungs- und Innovationsberaterin und entwickelt und implementiert Weiterbildungen.

Anne Quilisch
Anne Quilisch is an Eastern Europe specialist with her main fields of activities in study programme development and academic administration, in quality management in higher education institutions, and in the organization of seminars and training programmes for foreign experts and managers (esp. from the CIS and the PR China) in Germany.


Regine Schoenenberg
Dr. Regine Schönenberg – Chairwoman of LDN e.V., political scientist.

Creativity and diversity, firm standpoints and curiosity, quality and innovation, loyalty and continuity are important to me.

Organized crime and shadow globalization, crises, security, risk-/resource management and international regimes are my long-term working-fields.

Embedded knowledge and sustainable science, dialogue between social and natural sciences and application, interdisciplinary teaching within a lifelong-learning environment are my principal fields of interest.

Carolin Schramm
Carolin Schramm has studied Business Administration (BA) with special focus on Business Responsibility of multinational enterprises. In 2004 she started to work in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development.

Petra Schwarz Petra Schwarz – Geographin und Projektentwicklerin mit den Schwerpunkten städtische und regionale Entwicklung sowie unterkulturelle Lernprozesse.

Christiane Weinreich Christiane Weinreich is based in Berlin, Germany. She has been an advisor, coach and trainer to senior European executives since 1992. She is an “authentic presentation” specialist and is a lecturer at the Berlin University of the Arts. She is a Fellow of the Oxford Leadership Academy and accredited SML (Self Management for Leadership) Facilitator.